Joel is my hubby of 22 years.  He is awesome!  Enthusiastic supporter, best Dad around,beer connoisseur, archery coach, hunter, and all around upbeat positive guy.  I'm pretty lucky!


Quinlan is 14 and is a freshman in high school.  She is on the cheer team, ran cross country, tried speech, and track.  She is kind and sweet loves to bake and can you believe she can drive.(Don't worry it's legal in Iowa).


Marin is smart, spunky and fun.  She is thirteen and in the seventh grade and will often be seen with her sidekick Natalie. She is book worm, movie enthusiast, baker, artist, and archer.  She loves Harry Potter and Stranger Things.


Grey is a funny guy and very easy going.  He is nine and in the third grade.  He loves to be outside, play soccer, ride his skateboard, read books and play legos.  When you are the third kiddo, I think you are naturally easy going.  Did I mention, he is so funny!

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