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A day in the office

A day in the office is a lot of fun! If I’m not traveling, I typically go into the office one day a week. It’s not my most productive day, but it’s good for me! I cram in a lot of meetings and I see my teammates! It’s a social day. A day of quick catch ups and face to face collaboration!

I like getting a little more dressed up than usual and I like the change of pace. I am both extremely social and I require solitude. This one day is just the right amount for my social side. I try to be present in everything I do so when I’m in the office, my focus is really on the people around me.

Gifts of love: One- a gift of orange and a surprise from a customer. Two- engraved with “Live what you love”. A holiday gift from my accountability partner. Three-this necklace is a graduation gift from a dear friend. These gifts of love often help me find courage and inner strength -channeling power of kind people who sent them to me. I like to wear them when I go to the office.

Here is how I approach my office day:

Be present.

know, I will be behind and accept it!

Make the drive to town count.

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