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Be the Inspiration

A dear friend recently said that I inspire them. It’s just me over here, pulling together pieces of life to make it all fit for me. The funny thing, if you are looking for inspiration, you’ll find it every time. I always feel there is something to learn from everyone, no matter what you are doing, if only you are looking.

We recently had a little budget emergency, nothing big but enough to tighten things up for a couple of weeks and with that, we had the smallest grocery budget we’ve had in a long time. Because our budget was tight we really examined what we were buying, could we do it a little differently and save some money? Of course we could! I used to shop with a list, a meal plan and a running total of my current cart. Life is busy and instead of keeping up with this we have cushioned our budget and made it big enough to not have to pay attention on this level. It was eye opening! The best part, Quinlan said ”why don’t we always pay attention like this”. She is right! It shouldn’t take an event to be this aware of what we are buying at the grocery store. It should ALWAYS be our normal and busy isn’t an excuse. One lesson learned from my 14 year old.

I tend to get what I call ”The Sunday’s” (a point in the afternoon where the list of things to accomplish is longer than the remaining time available and it can start to bring me down). While prepping the kitchen for the week we were listening to Amazon music, the Brandi Carlisle channel. A song came on that caught my attention because the lyrics seemed to fit what was running through my head. The kids looked it up for me -Jason Mraz, Have it All. I’ve never heard it but I had just been writing a blog post about how I self sabatoged last week with a messy desk. It was light and the lyrics were clear and positive. I like it and I am going to play it on this Monday morning to set my week up in a positive uplifting way. See, inspiration is all around if you look for it!

I keep little journals filled with bits of information that speak to me or things I should apply to my life. I keep some with quotes. It’s always fun to skim those and find little pieces of inspiration.

Today, I encourage you to find little things to collect in your day from others to inspire you. As you are doing so, be mindful of how you can be influencing everyone’s day that you are encountering. Will you give them positive energy that they can draw from? You have that power if you decide to!

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