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Get Uncomfortable!

This is me stand up paddle boarding yesterday afternoon. Part of what I enjoy about stand up paddle boarding is that I am fighting my fear. When I start out- I’m terrified! I really love being on lake water but I don’t want to end up in it. Once I can let the parts of this activity I love take over instead of the parts I’m scared of, it is so rewarding!

I’ve pushed myself and taken challenges. In the last month, I’ve had a lot of change unfolding! I have spent sleepless nights worried about the unknowns, yet I have bigger dreams than I’ve had in quite some time.

Often, the right choices to propel us forward are the ones that make us squirm. Getting out of our comfort zone is hard. I feel like I have constantly pushed myself to be sure I wasn’t too comfortable but within my same constraints. Now, this feeling of uneasy is a constant tugging of wanting success and a mix of bigger dreams. Do you know what this means? It means that I am up for this challenge!

Sit with these uneasy feelings. Why do I feel uneasy? Change is hard, but its finding courage beyond that fear where success lies.

How I manage this fear...

Don’t worry about things I can’t control.

Don’t get caught up in too many little details.

Take a deep breath.

Be yourself.

Take each thing one step at a time.

You got this!

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