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Good change doesn’t mean easy change!

New is new and whether or not it’s a good or bad change, there is a period of adjustment. My mind has been swirling. Since May, and a career change on the horizon, my mind won’t stop. It’s been fun, exciting, rewarding and exhausting. When it’s time to switch modes into family and home time, I have to really try to turn my work mode off. Now, I’m slightly more than 60 days in and I can see that I need some personal goals to get the “balance“ closer to something that resembles balance. I’m not suddenly going to slow down, but I’m acutely aware that my self care and relationships have suffered.

Who am I?

Thats right- a good, old fashioned identity crisis. I'm a pretty secure, strong women and I’m not sure why I didn’t see this coming. I worked for one company for a very long time- it’s almost like I grew up there, so this shouldn’t have been a surprise. I thought I had mental power to deter it. I WAS WRONG! I have had this who am I question running through my head a lot.

Even this week, I wore green accents for two days in a row instead of orange! May not seem like a big deal, but for several years, I have worn orange Every Single Time I have seen a client. I had a huge mental battle with myself over it. I can tell you all the ways I tried to justify it; I didn’t see clients; I was with my people; I matched the space; I liked it. I’m not sure where I stand here, but...I did it anyway. Rather than beat myself up, I’m just going to say- 60 days isn’t enough to figure it all out yet!

I know nothing!

If only I could tell you how many times I’ve answered the question of what I ”do” recently! Honestly, there are so many things I do, but I don’t know how to do them yet. Yes, I know my objectives, I know my priorities and tasks, but I don’t have them all figured out (yet). Little by little, puzzle pieces are coming together and lights start to come on. I can feel the dizzying process of being new start to unfold and make sense. With each week, vision and clarity are forming on what I “do”. This week, was revolutionary for me in this process and will help be define it soon.

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