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I quit the gym!

Okay before you start giving me a lecture, let me first tell you these two things. I didn’t quit lightly: being a strong member of my gym has been part of my identity for a long time. 2. I know all of the benefits of working out and why I need it to be doing it.

My list of excuses:

1. I have to leave my house at 4:40. For me this isn’t overly early, I like to get up at 4. At 4:00, it’s really my time. I sit quietly, I drink coffee, I get organize, I make lists, I work on my budget, I do homework.

2. It’s cold and dark. Yes, I know how lame that sounds but 4:00 cold and dark means comfy warm pjs and blankets.

3. I just don’t have time. Like I said, this is my list of excuses. I truly am busy and often to go to the gym, I would need to get up in the 3:00 hour to make this work. With a 20 minute drive there and back ( and socializing- I mean that’s why I was there) I was losing two hours of my day.

4. I was too sore.

5. I couldn’t get in a routine with travel.

6. I have too much homework. The dishes need to be done. The dog ate my homework...wait, oops...wrong excuse. I could go on and on.

The bottom line is that I could give you a million reasons, but here is the truth. It had become a no win situation for the way I was feeling. If things don’t feel right, sometimes you need to step away to see what’s going on. I had reached a point where I hated going (P.S we are not allowed to say hate in my house). When you so strongly dislike going, there is no winning! Sure, I enjoyed seeing my friends, but that was the only reason I was going for a long time. I kept avoiding goals and commitments because I knew I wouldn’t keep them and I was continuously setting myself up for failure. So. I finally quit.

Fast forward two months and finally, I miss it. I haven’t been sleeping in on this little gym break and wasting time- I have been doing things and I can’t figure out how I had time for everything before. I know I will go back but not before I’m ready to whole heartedly commit to it. I do miss it. Most of all I miss the Gym family and I miss being really strong.

Here is how I’m getting by for now:

I switched up my office and while I’m making my bed in the morning, I set up my workout space: I move the coffee table, set my kettlebells nearby, unroll my yoga mat, and these cute little bean bags.

When I get dressed in the morning, it’s clothes I can move in. I never liked athleisure but this is a time saver and being ready is half the battle!

I‘m enjoying the app OpenFit. I started with Barre which is fun and my file cabinet serves as my ballet barre but more recently, I have been rotating the 600 second Workouts. Yes, that is a 10 minute workout. I was trying a 30 minute workout but that’s using my lunch or skipping my morning tidy up post kiddos on the bus routine to get it done. I can do almost anything for 10 minutes! I am so sore and the thing is, if you haven’t moved from your desk chair in hours, you likely need the movement. If you are already set up and ready, it’s easy to just take 10 minutes. You probably need the break. Since I’m ready, I randomly do kettlebell swings, pull ups in my doorway or push ups. Yoga has been starting my day but it’s brief and it’s when I need it. It’s not to overwhelming and wow! I am enjoying this new process.

So while I don’t recommend skipping the gym, it Is always important to listen to yourself and do what you can do and win! I think this is how we strike balance. The constant evaluation of ourselves and fine tuning little pieces of life to bring us the best quality we can get (for now). It will keep changing. Honor it and adjust accordingly!

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