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It’s a Love/Hate Thing

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

So many different emotions get wrapped up into leaving on a business trip. As a parent, it’s never easy to leave the kiddos- no matter how “normal” your travel schedule is or how old they are. This is the hate part.

The love part? It’s my favorite part of my job. I get to see my customers, new and old. I get to interact with interesting people. Sometimes, I get to travel to fun places. This week, I went to San Diego and Denver. In San Diego, I got to experience yoga on the beach with Dan Nevins. Fan girl right here! His story is amazing and I’m so thankful for the opportunity. I LOVE getting these type of experiences.

This love/hate thing is like a tornado happening on my insides. I’m a ball of emotions with so many extra things to get done before leaving. This pull is why if you ask me if I’m excited about my upcoming trip, my answer might be less enthusiastic than you would, all of the details that have to be coordinated take a lot of time to iron out. The love part is that my job is fun and rewarding.

The pretrip will we make this all work? Well sometimes we just can’t! Lately, everything that needs to happen, can barely happen with two of us managing it, so one? will take the village or the neighborhood at least and one amazing hubby!

I have been loving on this app lately...

I am still an old school planner type of girl but let’s face it- I can’t write small enough to get it all on my calendar. This app allows us to color code each member of the family, and there is a notes section for bus times, addresses, car pool notes, etc. It’s available on everyone’s phone, we get an emailed agenda on Sunday for the week and yes, I print it and put it in my planner and on our chalk board. Last Wednesday evening, Joel and I worked on the printed sheets for about three hours trying to figure out all of the details for this week while I’m traveling. We circled problem areas, emailed our village where we needed help and yes, we needed a lot of help. There are things that got crossed off, if you see my kiddos at events please cheer for them because no matter how awesome Joel is, he can’t be in three places at once! Did I mention, I hate missing the kids activities but I go to what I can and they understand!

Now that the scheduling nightmare is (mostly) solved...onto my emotions. I want everyone to be with me before I leave. I find myself letting the kids stay up a little later because I’m trying to savor it all. I selfishly want Joel to skip his archery obligations so we can all hang out together. Unrealistic! He has to skip his archery obligations ALL week to move kiddos and attend all activities, meets and games (sometimes all at once). How silly of me to unrealistically expect more.

The same thing happens when I come home. I have big expectations and to our family, it’s no big deal “You are gone all the time, Mom”. This crushed me the first time the kids said it, but when I really think about it, they have adjusted and this is the goal right?

Communication. The kids are lousy at talking on the phone! Not to mention the time difference can make discussions challenging. I‘m just going to throw this out here right now and let you know, I'm not a fan of snap chat. Go ahead and gasp all you want, but adults using filters to look like something they are not just doesn’t make sense to me. I will say, this has become a great mode of communication with my girls when I’m traveling. I keep them up to date and they chat and respond. I’ll take it! Speak the language of your audience and they will listen. I love that we finally have a mode of communication that’s working better and I don’t feel so disconnected when I’m gone.

Tips for regular business travel:

1. Always pack a simple dress or jumpsuit, shoes and a clean pair of underwear in your laptop bag.  Easy.

2. Keep a set of small toiletries in your suitcase so you don’t have to worry about packing those every time.

3. If you run out of one of the staples, add them to your list immediately- don’t wait for your next trip. When you put everything away, the new replacement is already in place!

4. Have a regular spot for the items in your suitcase.  If you know your unmentionables always go in one particular pocket, you’ll notice if it’s empty when you’re packing.  

5. Find travel tools that work for you.  I’m loving the app TripIt right now. All of my travel plans automatically go into one app with the details I need including confirmation numbers. It also manages my camping reservations-priorities! Check it out…

6. Before you leave, if you can only get one thing done besides the schedule, it’s laundry! If everything is clean at least you’ll save on the pre-activity scramble for the family.

So there you have It. My love/hate relationship with travel. Make it all count!

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