• Kelli Denes

Jumping for Opportunity

I made a commitment that I will put myself out there-because if I don’t, who is going to do it?

Commit to challenging yourself. Commit to do the hard work of being vulnerable. While it may seem like you’re leaving fate in someone else’s hands, you are in the drivers seat! Go for it. Give it everything you’ve got- then you can asses the situation, measure your outcome, and take a new path- if you want to.

This theme is resonating with me and keeps showing up this week. Don’t be stagnant and choose to stay the same. Deciding to take a chance or an unexpected action is really about you. It’s part of your path toward growth. The outcome isn’t as important as it seems, but the process? Oh that process is good.

Through opportunity, we are challenging ourselves- maybe we are doing something hard or something out of our comfort zone. We move forward by doing hard things.

These are some of the ways I leaped at opportunities in the last week:

1. I applied to speak at my commencement. It was a hard process and I’m sure they don’t want the old lady speaking at our college graduation, but I went through the motions which I set out to do. Strangely enough, I’m satisfied and not worried about the outcome. I did It. I hit that goal!

2. I was offered an opportunity for some coaching and I replied and said yes!

3. I took my 14 year old to coffee on a Wednesday morning because school started an hour late. She has been so busy, I really needed the time with her. I had back to back meetings and I was feeling so stressed. I moved two meetings and went anyway. It was wonderful! My entire day was bright!

4. I HATE expense reports-it’s almost like I have a mental block in this department. I decided to become the expert and the go-to person. I took extra steps to gather information and ask for help to get to a better understanding. I am going to own it! I really needed to do this...for me! I hope our team will have some benefit too.

That is just a peak but there were so many more!

What opportunies did you take this week? How is it pushing you? You have nothing to loose! Let me know...

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