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Stress Busters

I’ve had a couple of friends remind me that they haven’t seen any blog posts in a while. The truth is I just didn’t have anything else to give. School is harder than ever which I don’t understand, the kids activities are keeping me on my toes, and work has been crazy. You will never believe this, but I actually cancelled our camping trip last weekend (while I knew we had to- it was like torture).

I really just needed to allow myself to let off the gas somewhere for a short spell. This week, we wrapped up middle school track, high school track and soccer. Archery is winding down after this weekend and I have three weeks left of being a student! Here are three things helping me keep my sanity:

1. Breathing! I know it seems obvious, but the more stressed I am, the more intentional I need to be. I love the app Calm and on my Apple Watch, the Breathe app. You can do one minute of breathing in the line at the grocery store, waiting for the car pool, before you take a test or before composing an email.

2. Intentionally finding the fun and light spots in our color coded over scheduled calendar. Look at the awesome wriggly kiddos who are so proud during the recorder performance- that’s a win! Try and channel that for yourself.

3. Eat well. My tendency is to eat when I’m stressed. Start with a big plate of veggies and if you still need a little chocolate, go ahead- but make yourself get some nutrients in first!

*Sleep and exercise are also crucial so I’m going to mention them but full disclosure, I have some work to do here right now.

That’s it folks! Let’s wrap up this school year with a strong finish and a great outlook!

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