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My Path to Simplicity

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

The grip of winter has been intense. School cancellation, delays, no busses, no trash pick many modern conveniences we take for granted. Four weeks in and the littlest things can start to feel overwhelming.

In January, I decided I would focus on simplifying every aspect of my life. In work, this means taking a lot of extra time to set things up on the front end in hopes of saving time later.

At home, like everyone else right now, I have caught the Marie Kondo bug! To say this is a fast or easy process would be crazy. These long, time consuming tasks coupled with this winter had me about to lose my mind earlier this week. Then on Thursday, I had a couple of things come together. The stars aligned and I could see my hard work paying off. It feels so challenging to spend an extra hour doing a task that could take 15 minutes, but then you have to do that 15 minutes over and over again. If I had taken the hour initially, over a year, I would have saved a lot of time and work. Slow down to speed things up. Hard to do, but I’m starting to see results and I know it will be worth it.

In my quest for simplifying, one of the things I want to accomplish is not feeling behind when I get home from a business trip. I have been asking around and it seemed I was going to need to accept defeat...except that’s not how I roll. I set out to find articles and they all came up short of my expectations. I’m still looking to learn and make progress, after all that’s how we grow so please share your advice with me and what you do to feel on top of your game in every area of life. My big realization is that every little effort will help and if I don’t strive to make this better, it never will be. It’s baby steps; and they are my baby steps in an attempt for better!

Here are are some adjustments we made that worked well here this week. They seem tiny and insignificant but when I look back, these are big wins.

  1. I asked Joel to open the mail and discard all unnecessary things including envelopes before adding them to the mail sorter to be handled.

  2. We wrote our category budgets in dry erase and put them on the fridge (you, fuel, spending). No complicated systems, just bring your receipt in, subtract your total and mark the new available budget amount. This has been a huge win.

  3. I am not sorting all of my clothes at once Because it’s too big of a task at once for me. Today I’m tackling workout gear. Instead of going to buy fancy organizers, I used my Le Tote boxes waiting to be recycled. I think they are pretty cute.

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