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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We really try to embody the philosophy of work hard play hard. This week, we were full of fun moments at the state archery tournament, turned quick weekend getaway. We relaxed. We ate yummy food. We spent Saturday at the tournament, then went to eat with some of the middle school team.

Saturday night we watched movies and Joel and his brother went and enjoyed a local brewery. Sunday morning, I took the girls to the mall we had breakfast together and it was 34 and sunny so we drove with sunroof open. This is the good stuff!

Then, this is where it starts to look ugly...Sunday night, the kids had 4H and the girls had to give a talk. They decided to make a lemon merengue pie. So...we had a two hour drive, they had two hours of pie baking and 4h at 6. It ran a little long and we walked in the house around 8:30 and we still needed to eat dinner (yikes). I wish I could tell you this was unusual but, it’s not.

Monday came really fast! The time change, being away for the weekend and a late night Sunday made for a groggy, grouchy crew on Monday morning. Monday night the girls had a choir performance and once again we walked in just before 9 and still needed to eat dinner. Grey, the nine year old, attempted to make dinner before we left but it didn’t work out. I thought about considering the cookies they ate as their meal but really, that doesn’t work for me. Late night round two!

Tuesday morning...more grouchiness because WE ARE ALL TIRED! As everyone was walking out to catch the bus at 7:10, I left on a business trip. Once again, this is not how I like to go into this week.

All of my my prep work to simplify seemed to fly out the door. My desk got messy, my suitcase didn’t get unpacked right away as I planned. My inbox isn’t how I want it. All of my hard work seemed to be undone.

As I was beating myself up, I had to take a step back and look at reality. Take a look at what DID happen and give myself some grace.

I did give my undivided attention when with my customers. I saw four customers along my four hour drive and I did have a wonderful client dinner. I engaged whole heartedly with their customers, I saw people I enjoy that become staples when you travel in the same industry to the same events. I did read a text book, watch two long lectures and write a paper sprinkled throughout the quick two days. When I walked in my front door at 8 after being gone, I got to sit with my family as they ate at the dinner table (well, the counter but that’s ok, it was with my people).

It is great to have a plan but it’s also OK to not stick to it to if you look at your priority list for clarification. Things are so full, they can get muddy and unclear. I have my top priorities written down and when things are muddy, if you look at your list, the right choices always stand out!

I did get up at 4 and knocked out as much homework as I could so that when I walked in the door that night, I could be with my family. I didn’t do it so I could get my suitcase unpacked. Running things through this physical list always helps! I use this all the time and this coupled with looking for the bright spots in the week, make the bad feel a whole lot better.. so they never get ugly! Turns out, I did reach my goals on this list.

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