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Wait..What? Are you crazy?

When I recently told a friend I was starting a blog, her initial response was, “you don’t have time for that.” Ya, I love her- she is honest and doesn’t sugar coat things. It’s true that adding one more thing to balance (or juggle) could be too much, but trust me, I have my reasons.

Learning a new skill can have so many positive reactions, even if you are feeling busy! Things that feel challenging and rewarding can give you more energy than they take. This blog feeds my creativity and I have this part of me that does better when I’m creatively sharing here with you again today...and getting energy, enthusiasm, and an extra spark for life along the way.

Starting a blog has forced me into a new level of accountability. I am publicly putting what I am doing out there for the world to see. I have to look at the steps and processes I‘m taking and think about how I can do it better to share with you and why it didn’t work and share that too.

A couple of weeks ago, I could feel myself being overwhelmed and I couldn’t seem to focus. I got out of my chair and walked across the room for some fresh perspective. My desk had stacks of papers all around my computer in what “should“ be clear desk space. There is no excuse for papers, I set up systems and used the Konmari method for clearing my paper clutter. What had I done? Self sabatoge?

All the things sitting here were things I felt I needed to work on. I was not working on them right now and they have homes. Why did I do this? No wonder I couldn’t concentrate! This papers all have homes. A quick, one minute clean up and my desk was back to being a desk and most importantly, my mind was clear!

I used to have a rule (yes, I always have rules) spend the last five minutes of the day with a quick office tidy. Can I be really honest here, most of the time, I am not done working but have to run out the door to move my people to and from activities. Its hard to stop and spend five minutes getting things in order when you arent done. I’ve incrporated this again lately because while it feels counter intuitive, a clear mind can get you more than five minutes ahead. The same goes for a quick walk, a ten minute workout, or getting fresh air. Set yourself up for success!

So the truth about this blog is even though I am too busy to add more things- are the ”things“ bringing me value?


1. This voice and the ideas I’m sharing are running through my head anyway.

2. This serves my creative side.

3. This is part of my reflection process. I spend time working though this stuff, now I just share it (oh scary)!

4. I am a firm believer in using accountability to push myself, this is a new form of that-public accountability.

So, I want to know what you’ve added lately to push yourself? Have the challenges been worth it? So far, mine have. Now go make it a great day!

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