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Updated: Feb 27, 2019

This winter weather wreaks havoc on everything, but where it really gets to me is in the schedule and routine. Yet another winter storm is rolling in and at 5:30 this morning, the call came. No school today. Again.

Don't get me wrong, I love snow and I love a snow day. Strong seasons works well for me-I change and adapt. I always say in the winter, I hibernate-and I do! We live on a gravel road across from restored prairie, in the middle of a bunch of farmland. My traffic is usually deer and pheasants, an occasional cow or tractor. When the weather gets cold, I turn in. I knit, I bake, I want to watch movies and cuddle up on the couch with the kiddos. I enjoy this.

A snow day means, there is no get up and go. We have permission and even a reminder from mother earth that this is what we need. I secretly like that when there is an ice storm, we could lose power. If we lose power, our well pump doesn't work, and if there is a threat of this, we start filling all containers with water. Now this doesn't happen very often, but the "need" to do it makes me feel very alive. The same with firewood. I LOVE to gather it, stack it, move it, and use it. I own the fire.

We have had so many snow days, that getting four days of school in last week was really a big deal. Its confusing in every way.

You might be thinking, what's the big deal, she works from home- I get it...and luckily I do. Our kiddos are very independent and of course, we have a lot of rules. I t's not that the kids are taking my and they definitely don't need me to exist in this snow day. But here we are. I have a normal work day filled with deadlines, goals and expectations. Here they are thinking...jammies and movies all day. A day off! It's a conflict of the household.

Now the first few snow days are delightful. It is an unexpected break and luckily I can be flexible. By the 10th one, the inner conflict of go and relax mixed in with mom guilt of sitting in my office with the door closed for long hours gets to me. I am the one with this conflict. The pull of work and play. So what will I do?

I will find the joy.

I will look closely at what has to be done today, look for the little ways to enjoy this time, and getting enough done to not fall behind. What little things am I looking forward to? Then, I will work hard to get to those places.

Just taking a day of PTO doesn't necessarily help matters. I'm in sales and I work on commission. What has to be done, still has to be done. The kids are home and they are thrilled. They are in full relaxation mode. As I am looking through the day, I will take time to play a game with them. Unplugged and fully engaged. I will push hard to take a couple of hours of PTO this afternoon and make everyone's favorite popcorn, rent a movie and sit by the fire. This plan will help me be more productive because a day filled with dread means I will waste time and spin my wheels. Looking forward to something, means I need extra hustle to get there.

Even though this is at least the tenth snow day, these opportunities are still scarce and this time with my people is short. They are my everything. I want to enjoy them.

At five-ish, Joel will stroll in. We have been using the never-ending snow days to show the kids the magic of straightening the areas that matter to the parents. We have had a lot of practice and they are getting the hang of this. We will switch to an album and to dinner mode. It’s taco night and we all love that. Joel put together Deer Barbacoa in the crock pot overnight-it smells amazing!

So...on to making this a great day! You are in charge. If it’s not going your way, stop. Figure out where the bright spots are and refocus to get there. For now, I will merge in this traffic for more coffee.

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